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“This was the most amazing experience for us and our newly adopted pup “Elwood”! Joseph left New Hampshire and drove to Texas within hours of our telephone call. We were kept informed during each leg of the trip and his wife Lauren uploaded photos and videos for us to see. It was totally clear that Elwood was enjoying the time spent with Joseph on the lengthy trip to New Hampshire! We feel very fortunate that we found Dog Hop Transport in our search to find the best way to get our pup to his new home. Thank you, Joseph and Lauren for the excellent care and comfort you provided to Elwood!”
“We found Dog Hop Transport online and reached out to them to safely bring our foster dog, Wilson, from MA to his forever home in Utah. We could not be more happy with their service. Wilson is not the easiest of boys but Joseph and him became fast friends. We received a Google maps invitation and were able to track their trip’s progress in real time! They also posted Instagram stories so we could watch their adventure as well! Wilson looked very comfortable in the back seat of Dog Hop’s Tesla and we felt at ease knowing he was safe and well cared for. We highly recommend Dog Hop if you ever need to transport your fur baby! 10/10”
“I cannot rave enough! My family of four (7 counting pets) was planning a move from NH-WI-one problem-airlines don’t allow rabbits. The other problem-my basset girls would be completely stressed with movers and chaos on both ends of the trip. The solution-Dog Hop!!! My pets stayed with friends for several days while we prepped the house and movers loaded. The humans flew WI and unpacked. Dog Hop picked the pets up a few days later and in less than 48 hours they arrived at their new home safe and sound. The communication and professionalism is top notch. I could not be more pleased. It goes without saying that if this service was not available to us the stress level of our move would have increased measurably. Thank you Dog Hop!”
“Thank you, Dog Hop Transport!!!!! The communication from the very first day we reached out through every step of the actual trip (Maine to Kansas) was top notch. We appreciate you and your outstanding service. We will certainly recommend.”
“Do NOT hesitate to use Dog Hop Transport. I was supposed to drive to Virginia in May to pick up my two 9 week old Jack Russell puppies but I had an unexpected surgery and couldn’t go. I am so glad I chose Joe to go get them. The best thing is that he doesn’t pick up multiple dogs on a trip. It’s your dog. My adorable puppies arrived in great condition thanks to his care. Would hire him again. When the breeder found out that I couldn’t come get them, she said she was going to check out the driver before she would let them go. Of course he passed that test with flying colors. The breeder told me she was going to recommend his service to other customers. Thank you so much Joe.”
“Dog Hop Pet was the best way to send our dog Eddie cross country. Joseph was great and so accommodating, from fitting our dogs large crate to storing his frozen food. I felt completely safe sending Eddie with him. Dog Hop provided pictures and IG stories and text updates the whole time. It only took 3 nights to get from NJ to LA. Would highly recommend Dog Hop Pet Transport. Thank you Joseph!”
“Lauren & Joseph at Dog Hop were super easy to work with for our dog transport needs! We hired them to transport our dog Cleat, after our wedding ceremony. It was super easy to set it all up, and they communicated with me and the family members in charge at the wedding so well throughout the entire process. I am so glad that we hired them for our special day- it allowed us to be present in the celebration knowing that our loved dog was in great hands during his transportation back home. They made sure he had water and even played ball with him once they got him where he needed to be. Lauren took some photos of our boy and sent them to us! I highly recommend this professional company for your dog transportation needs.”
“This is the best pet transport service there is. Joseph transported our new dog, JJ Redick, from Boston to Indiana. His professionalism is the absolute best. He gave timely updates and delivered a happy well cared for pet. Thank you Joseph for bringing JJ to his forever home.”
“Dog Hop was just the perfect service we were looking for to bring our dog, Roo from Massachusetts to California. We were moving from one coast to the other for changes in our job, and Joseph at Dog Hop just brought us that peace of mind we needed during the moving frenzy. During the trip, Dog Hop posted adorable updates every day and took much better pictures of our dog than we had ever taken 😂 Our pup was clearly very well taken care of, with plenty of potty breaks and stretching time. When they arrived in our new home in California, our dog didn’t want to leave Joseph’s side!! Would highly recommend to any pet parents who need a reliable long-distance pet moving service. Thank you Dog Hop!!!”
“Joseph transported my two nervous nelly dogs, Millie and Cooper, from NJ all the way to Idaho. A 3-night trip! We couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with Dog Hop and I think Millie and Cooper agree. We enjoyed the transparency in location, the fun photos and videos along the way and the communication before and during their trip. Most importantly, we always knew they were safe and in good hands. When we got them back, Cooper ran to say good-bye to Joseph (an honor he does not give many people).”
“Outstanding personalized attention administered by consummate professionals. I could not be more pleased.”
“Our dog Mollie was transported for us on our wedding day right after the ceremony. Dog hop stayed in a hotel with her and then drove her home in the morning. They posted so many great real-time photos and videos, Mollie was certainly cared for so well and we did not have a single worry about her traveling or being cared for over night!”
“About Dog Hop transport I would like to say its the most professional honest reliable and loving to all animals from the start to the finish of your contract. with Dog Hop getting a new puppy form Tennessee to Maine comes with anxiety and happiness We were so happy when Dog Hop picked up our little pup Annie. Dog Hop sent pictures and kept us informed the whole trip eating sleeping and potting also how she was as a traveler also she had the best puppy accessories and safety crate pictures from every stop she arrived happy and safe I have to give a five-star rating We always will use Dog Hop Pet transport for Our needs Cindy Charlie and Annie.”
“I had a great experience with Dog Hop Transport. I was a first-time user. Joseph was courteous, professional, punctual and transparent. My dogs loved him and I felt very comfortable with them in his care. I highly recommend Dog Hop and will be using them next year!”
“Dog Hop was extraordinary from start to finish! This is the company to choose when transporting your fur babies. The process of booking was easy from start to finish. Joseph transported my puppy from New Jersey to Maine. Along the way keeping me updated with photos and progress reports. Joseph was loving and caring to my puppy, you can tell he loves animals just as much as you do! So if you want peace of mind when transporting your puppy this is the company for you!”