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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dog Hop Transport Cats?

Yes! Despite our name, we love our feline friends and we transport cats in addition to dogs. When booking a trip using our instant quote calculator, just select “cat” as pet type under the “Pet Information” step in the checkout process and fill in the required information. Dog Hop does not transport animals other than cats and dogs, however. We do not transport reptiles, fish, birds, insects, or any other type of exotic animal.

2. What is Dog Hop's Service Area?

We travel throughout the contiguous United States and Canada to transport pets. Currently, we are only able to service transport requests that start or end in the Northeast United States. Dog Hop is quickly growing and constantly working to add additional vehicles to the fleet in order to serve more areas of the country.

3. Does My Pet Need Any Paperwork Prior To Transport?

Yes, prior to the trip we will need a licensed veterinarian to provide us with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for each pet. The licensed veterinarian should have their own CVI that they fill out for cats and dogs, but if not, the USDA provides their own health certificate that is accepted as an alternative in some states and can be found HERE. Once a trip is booked and paid for, we will let you know the appropriate health certificate that is required, based on the state that we are transporting the pet to. Pet CVIs are required by law, and for good reason. For the safety of the pet, we need confirmation that they are in good health and are physically able to endure a long-distance trip.

4. Why Does Dog Hop Not Offer Shared Pet Transport?

Long-distance travel is stressful on both humans and animals alike. At Dog Hop, we believe the only way that pets should travel is from point A to point B, in order to minimize the stress and potential trauma to your dog or cat. With shared transport, pets are one of several dozen on an oftentimes windowless van and are stuck in a crate that is stacked on top of other animals in crates. The shared transport vehicle will spend about a week in one area of the country, picking up all of the animals, then travel across the country where it will spend another week delivering all of the pets. Pets unlucky enough to be picked up first and dropped off last can easily spend up to two weeks in these awful conditions. It is also common for pets to contract an illness or disease from other pets via shared transport.


Some transport companies claim that they pride themselves “on making pet transport the best experience the pet has ever had”. We understand that no matter what, each pet we transport is going to be under some level of stress, and even under the best circumstances the experience will not be “the best of their life”. We only offer private, door-to-door transport, in order to minimize the length of the trip, and so that the pet has the undivided attention of it’s Dog Hop driver/caretaker.

5. Does My Pet Need To Travel In A Crate?

By default, dogs younger than six months are transported in USA-made Gunner crash-rated crates for maximum pet safety, while dogs older than six months are transported via crash-tested harness and seat belt restraint for maximum comfort and freedom while traveling. If preferred, dogs between three and six months of age can travel with a harness and seat belt restraint. Alternatively,  dogs older than six months can travel in a crate if preferred. Please note, some large breed dogs will not fit in our largest crash-rated crates, and therefore by default will travel via harness and seatbelt tether.

For safety and maximum comfort, cats will always travel in a secured carrier, provided either by the owner or Dog Hop. Dog Hop only uses crash-tested cat carriers made by Sleepypod.

6. What Happens If My Plans Change After I Book A Trip?

We understand that plans change all of the time. To help, we offer a full refund if a trip is cancelled at least two weeks prior to the scheduled pickup date. Additionally, customers can change the scheduled pickup date once, at no additional cost, as long as the request is made at least two weeks prior to the original scheduled pickup date. For a full explanation of refunds and trip changes, please see our Terms of Use.

7. Is Dog Hop A Legitimate Pet Transport Company?

Yes. Dog Hop LLC was formed in the state of New Hampshire on February 28th, 2021 and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau as of October, 2021. Dog Hop is also a USDA registered Class T carrier under the Animal Welfare Act. Our USDA license number is 12-T-0020. To learn more about why you should only work with pet transporters that are USDA registered, please visit this page HERE.

8. How Does The GPS Tracking Work To Follow My Pet's Trip?

On the day of your pet’s scheduled pickup, your Dog Hop driver/caretaker will send an email inviting you to track the transport vehicle via Google Maps for the entire duration of the trip. During transport, you will be able to see the real-time geographic location of your pet anytime that you want. You can rest easy knowing exactly where your pet is at all times. 

9. How Often Will My Pet Receive Bathroom Breaks?

Dogs will be given a bathroom break every two to three hours. At Dog Hop, our transport vehicles are all 100% battery-electric, Tesla Model Y SUVs. On a typical long-distance trip, we stop every two to three hours to recharge the vehicle’s battery. A typical charge takes twenty minutes and gives our driver/caretakers the chance to let dogs out for a quick bathroom break and to get a treat and drink of water.


Cats can also be let out for bathroom breaks at each stop if an owner prefers. Cats routines can differ greatly from dogs, so an in-depth discussion will be had with cat owners to determine what is best for the pet.

10. Is My Pet Covered By Insurance Through Dog Hop?

Yes! Your pets are fully insured when they travel with Dog Hop. In addition to our commercial auto and business liability insurance, we have pet-specific insurance provided by Pet Care Insurance. To learn more about our specific pet coverage, please email us at info@doghoptransport.com or send us a message via our contact us page.

11. Where Will My Pet Sleep During Multiday Trips?

For multi-day transport, our driver/caretakers will spend the night at pet-friendly hotels with your pet. If space allows, the driver/caretaker may also choose to sleep in the transport vehicle with your pet. Being battery-electric allows the Tesla transport vehicle to run the HVAC system 24/7 without the harm of toxic exhaust fumes. The vehicle has a “Camp Mode” that keeps the vehicle’s cabin temperature at a constant and ensures a cozy night’s sleep.

12. What Will My Pet Eat During Transport?

Owners are responsible for providing Dog Hop with food for their pet’s meals throughout the duration of the trip. Prior to pickup, a Dog Hop representative will work with the owner to create a meal plan for their pet and to discuss medication schedules and dietary restrictions, if necessary. Dog Hop provides USA-made treats, but owners can pack their pet’s favorite treats as well. It is important to note that due to the high stress of long-distance transport, it is common for animals to lose their appetite temporarily. Due to this, and the potential for car sickness, full meals will only be provided at the end of the travel day, unless otherwise specified by the owner. Pets should not be fed a full meal prior to pickup, and missing a meal should not be cause for concern for a pet’s wellbeing. 

13. How Can I Get In Touch With My Pet's Driver/Caretaker During Transport?

One of the many benefits of private pet transport is the direct line of communication to the driver/caretaker of your pet. Prior to pickup, your driver/caretaker will reach out to introduce themselves and to provide you with their personal Dog Hop phone extension and email address. While your pet is under the care of Dog Hop, you can feel free to call your driver/caretaker at any time, for any reason. 

14. Will Dog Hop Transport Pets with Special Needs?

Absolutely. Dog Hop driver/caretakers are all Pet First Aid & CPR certified and have the experience and capability to care for dogs and cats with special needs and all types of medical conditions. Dog Hop transport vehicles are also equipped with ramps for easier loading and an onboard refrigerator/freezer to store temperature-sensitive medications or pet foods. 

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