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Our Story

Back at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic in the spring of 2020, my wife Lauren and I were already feeling the effects of a seemingly endless quarantine. Like a lot of people, we were feeling down and disconnected from friends, family, and the city we live in. We had reached our limit of Zoom calls and Netflix shows and the only way we knew how to dig ourselves out of the rut we were in was to make a big change in our lives. The two options that we considered were either a new car or another sibling to our furbaby, Dexter. Lauren and I looked each other in the eyes, channeled our inner Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec, and in unison shouted “Treat Yo’ Self”!


That’s right, we decided to get both a new car and a new dog. That’s where the idea for Dog Hop was born. Once we found the breeder of the dog that we wanted, we had a conundrum on our hands. With the breeder several hours drive from us, we had no good solution for getting our new pup. The cargo bay of an airplane was out of the question, regardless of price, and a shared van was something we decided we wouldn’t do either after reading horror stories of such trips on the internet. We ultimately decided to each use a personal day from work and we both made the long roundtrip haul. This was our first time getting a dog as a puppy, and as you might expect, we were thoroughly unprepared for the ride home. Many liquids were expelled onto our car’s upholstery (and Lauren’s lap), and the ride home was loud and the opposite of smooth. 


We started Dog Hop because we wish there had been a service like this that existed for us in that time of need. If a reputable private pet transport service had existed near us, we would have been willing to pay almost anything to avoid the situation that we ultimately found ourselves in. We have built Dog Hop to be safe, accommodating, and hassle-free. When you book your pet’s transport with us, you know that you are working with real people, real pet lovers, that would go out of their way to help any animal, just like yourself.  I’m so glad that you found us here at Dog Hop, and we look forward to helping service your pet transport needs.

-Joseph Getts, Co-Founder

Lauren Getts


Lauren grew up with a pet-loving family in a small New Hampshire town. She fondly remembers her quaint log home on eight acres of land being the go-to place for neighbors and friends to drop off their dogs for care during a long weekend away or vacation. In addition to their own dogs, cats, and farm animals, Lauren’s parents always welcomed others bringing their dogs during visits and holidays. The more the merrier was their mantra – dogs are always considered members of the family.


Lauren is a marketer, relationship cultivator, and community liaison with a decade of experience in communications and public relations.  Lauren helps communities, non-profit organizations and start-up consumer product and service companies build a brand that people love, from day one. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ.

Joseph Getts


Joseph grew up in a small, rural New Hampshire town and his family always kept pets – dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, and reptiles. Joseph is fond of all animals, but there are none he loves more than his two Belgian Shepherds, Dexter and Marty whom he spends the majority of his time with.  


Joseph is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys a variety of activities year-round such as swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, snowboarding, ice climbing, snowmobiling, and pond hockey. He and his wife Lauren love adventure and plan to travel the world together. They have been to Costa Rica several times and hope to have a home there someday. Joseph has a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ and has worked several years as a manager in the craft beer industry and as a professional delivery driver for the United Parcel Service, since graduating college in 2013.


Sales Associate

Marty is a three-year-old Belgian Tervuren and is one of the most energetic and excitable pups you will meet. Marty is an amazing frisbee dog and he loves being out on the open trails of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Marty is also a proficient swimmer, and though he prefers the cold of winter, he longs for the day when the ice finally relinquishes its grip on the lakes and rivers come spring. He is genuinely a sweet boy, and he misses his older brother, Dexter, who passed away suddenly in November, 2022.

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