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USDA Certified

The United States government passed the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) in 1966 to help ensure the humane treatment of many different kinds of animals not raised for food consumption. A person with a commercial business that moves animals from one location to another is considered a transporter under the Animal Welfare Act and must be registered with the USDA. Examples of transporters include airlines and trucking companies, such as Dog Hop. 


Dog Hop is a USDA registered Class T carrier under the Animal Welfare Act and our vehicles and equipment are subject to frequent, unannounced visits from highly-trained USDA inspectors. Our USDA license number is 12-T-0020. Pet transport customers must be extremely wary of transport companies that do not have a USDA Class T registration, and companies that claim to be USDA registered but do not make their certificate and registration information readily available. Click HERE to learn more about the AWA and the USDA’s enforcement of it.


Please see Dog Hop’s USDA certificate. You can click on the image to enlarge it. 

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