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Why Us

Your pet deserves the best.

Dog Hop is made up of pet loving people that are inspired by adventure and travel, and we take great pride in utilizing the world’s safest and most sustainable vehicles to transport your pet across the United States. Dog Hop treats every pet with the individual care and attention that they would receive at home. 

The Dog Hop Difference

Dog Hop offers a warm, authentic experience for your pet. We understand that you value safety, comfort, reliability, concise communication, and attention to detail. So do we, and we plan to deliver.

Safest Transport Vehicle

Tesla Model Y is 10x safer than all other cars.

Direct Driver Communication

Speak to your driver via phone, text, or email.

USDA Certified

Our vehicles have been vetted by the USDA.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Know where your pet is the whole trip.

Trip video on Instagram

Follow along with your pup's adventure.

Pet Care Insurance

Your Pet Is 100% Insured With Dog Hop.

Airplane Cargo Bay

Maximum stress on your pet

No accountability if your pet is injured or dies

No caretaker for your pet

Weather delays can strand your pet for days at an airport inside their crate with no food or water

No bathroom breaks on connecting flights

Least expensive transport option

Shared Pet Transport

High stress on your pet

Your pet is kept in a crate that is stacked on top of other pets in crates for days on end

Limited flexibility with pickup/drop off dates

Common for animals to spread parasites and diseases to one another due to close proximity

Pet can be on van for over a week based on route

Crates are often not crash rated or well secured

Less expensive than private pet transport

Dog Hop Private Pet Transport

Least amount of stress on your pet

Personal caretaker for your pet

Direct communication with driver/caretaker

Real time GPS tracking

Crash rated safety equipment

Frequent bathroom breaks

Safest transport vehicle in the world

Fully insured and USDA certified

More expensive than other transport options

A catalyst for

environmental change.

As one of the first all-electric transportation companies in the United States, Dog Hop leads the industry. A core belief of Dog Hop is that businesses can do more than exist to generate profits, and we strive to create lasting, positive change through contributions and leadership in areas such as the environment, making the planet a healthier and cleaner place for all. 

As a proud member of 1% For The Planet, Dog Hop gives 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations focused on protecting the wild places we cherish and creating positive change for a healthier planet.

Dog Hop partners with One Tree Planted to help reforest the earth and combat the negative effects of climate change. Dog Hop plants 10 trees for every trip, and matches up to an additional 20 trees donated by each of its customers.

Ready to Dog Hop?